Advertising Tips for Exhibition Stands

If you have a business that will be promoted at an exhibition, then you certainly will not be alone. In fact, the very moment you walk into the event and start setting up your stand you will find yourself buried in a sea of other vendors that are all doing the same thing as you. They go there to set up a stand, in the hope of getting a great outcome and generating more custom! The number of visitors to your stand is paramount to the number of customers that you will pick up as a result of participating at the exhibition. This article contains some tips on how to make sure that your stand will generate more custom and stand out from the others that are there.

1- Make your stand seem appealing, set it up in a friendly manner so that it looks like an open invite!
2- Do not focus on having a large extravagant stand, rather a small, effective one.
3- Have a test run at work first so you can see how it works.
4- Play around with lighting, sounds and signage before the exhibition. That way you can see what it looks like first hand.
5- Make sure that you make it clear to the stand company what you need from your exhibition stand.
6- Offer promotional giveaways that will help to generate more awareness about your services, way after the exhibition has ended. Make sure that your company name is clearly printed and that you have your contact number clearly displayed on the merchandise. Items like pens and mugs can work a treat.

So, there you have it a few top tips to help you get that little bit extra from your exhibition stand!